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Иван Комиссаров abbapoh at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 08:18:46 CET 2018

Richard, thank you for writing this post. I was thinking of doing it myself, but I never was good at writing long letters=)

Anyway, I would like to suggest that people who interested in QBS start contributing in it now. We have half a year to get familiar with the codebase while Christian Kandeler is still here.
The main point of doing this is to have a new maintainer for the project after the last release by TQtC.
I started investigation in Xcode generator (but help is welcome), I’ll spent a bit time on experimenting with clang on Windows.
People willing to contribute, please do so. Back to the original post, we will need some coordination. This mailing list?

> 31 окт. 2018 г., в 6:51, Richard Weickelt <richard at weickelt.de> написал(а):
> Dear all,
> on the Qt developer mailing list, Lars Knoll recently announced:
>> We have been developing Qbs over the last years, and as such are
>> committed to it for some more time. We are planning on another feature
>> release in the first quarter of next year and will support it in Qt
>> Creator for at least another year. Qbs is open source and if someone
>> wants to take over and develop it further let us know as well. I’d also
>> like to use this place to thank Christian and Jörg for all their great
>> work on Qbs  (and of course also anybody else who contributed to it).
> Qbs is open source but the largest part of development has always been
> shouldered by The Qt Company and the decision processes have never been open
> and transparent.
> It would be great if the TQtC could clarify what is planned for the next
> feature release and why. I would be glad if the TQtC would spend the
> remaining resources on transitioning the Qbs project into a community
> ownership. I have no experience how a successful transition could look like.
> Therefore I am asking for role models.
> What I can think of, but I might be wrong: TQtC maintainers, please
> communicate upfront what you are going to do, how and why so that others can
> learn. Some questions, I think, we should clarify on the mailing list:
> - Can we define milestones for a successful transition and clarify what
>  TQtC is willing to invest?
> - There were some companies using Qbs for their own projects [1]. Can we get
>  committment from those?
> - Can we keep using TQtC infrastructure, domain wtc.?
> - How does the release process of Qbs work?
> - Are there parts in the codebase that make maintenance difficult and
>  that could be simplified? Maybe parts duplicating Qt code that should
>  be rebased onto Vanilla Qt?
> Thank You
> Richard Weickelt
> [1]
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CwXx2F1zuATYY3GGOTkFgDB9jwMPghf6az_RVOnskfk/edit#gid=0
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