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I have been asking similar question before and the answer is sadly no there is not. Out of the box there is multiplexing but while in theory it could support any property it is currently limited to only a few. Nevertheless I have created something that might actually do exactly what you want - qbs-autoproject: 
Basically a Qbs project file that creates products dynamically.
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> Předmět: [Qbs] Creating many products from a list
Hi,I have a bunch of single-file example apps, which I need to build.I'd like to create a project with many products, provided by a list.I can do something like:--- Example.qbs ---import qbs CppApplication {    files: name + ".cpp"} --- Examples.qbs ---import qbs Project { Example { name: "ex1" } Example { name: "ex2" }    ...}But I'm looking for something more dynamic. Is there a way to have a list-driven products generator?
- Orgad
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