[Qbs] Qbs vs Jenkins

resurrection at centrum.cz resurrection at centrum.cz
Tue Sep 25 08:00:56 CEST 2018

I am wondering if it was possible to replace the Jenkins pipeline with only Qbs. In theory I see no reason why this should not work given the flexibility of the Qbs but is there any specific functionality out of the box that could make the typicial tasks performed by Jenkins easier? Specifically:
* Download sources from Bitbucket (Git)
* Running the build using MSBuild .proj file
* Publishing the build artifacts to external server
All of it can obviously be performed by using Javascript/Commands/Custom rules in Qbs but maybe some of it is already there so I would not need to reinvent the wheel. Also there is a question of bootstrapping such a build system since Jenkins server does have web-based front-end. But I guess it can even be used through it with Jenkins simply running the Qbs. Or perhaps it is a silly idea since Qbs was not meant to be used this way?

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