[Qbs] Install/Depends resolution changed from qbs 1.12.2 to qbs 1.13.0?

Иван Комиссаров abbapoh at gmail.com
Mon May 20 10:26:47 CEST 2019

Funny fact, but Qbs tests on were failing on macOS because of this change:)
However, I am not sure that we should roll it back, we can break something *again*
The original motivation for this change is that Qbs used to misinterpret install-root and install-prefix paths. Now it is consistent with other build systems:

The reason is that prefix may be hardcoded in the binary like it is done for qmake and setting install-root to /usr/local is wrong, install-root should be /.
Well, yes, in most cases, when app is portable it doesn't make any difference so I understand that change is annoying (I was the one who could not run tests on macOS)

But the doc should be updated...

Иван Комиссаров

20 мая 2019 г., в 9:01, Richard Weickelt <richard at weickelt.de> написал(а):

>> Oh yeah, it has been an unsatisfying surprise that default installation
>> prefix changed from empty string to "usr/local/" on Linux. All builds
>> are broken, all scripts working on the results are broken. Not
>> hardcoding is not an option when it comes to CI integration etc.
>> Next time I will be happy if such a change is announced in capital
>> letters.
> This was also an unpleasant surprise for me. Note that
> https://doc.qt.io/qbs/qml-qbsmodules-qbs.html#installPrefix-prop does not
> reflect this change. Thus, instead of going over the docs, I'd rather like
> to set installPrefix back to undefined on all platforms for Qbs 1.13.1.
> Anything that speaks against that?
> Richard
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