[Qbs] Passing paths to properties

Richard Weickelt richard at weickelt.de
Sat Feb 1 09:30:33 CET 2020

> I believe that most other properies which accept a path (like installDir,
> and the prefix property within a Group) all happily accept a relative
> path, so can we consider this a bug in Android.sdk?

You mean qbs.installDir? That is - by definition - relative to qbs.installRoot.

> Also, while thinking about a solution to this, I was thinking that a 
> resolvePath() method in the FileInfo service could be useful:
> var path = ... // absolute or relative var absolutePath =
> FileInfo.resolvePath(path, basePath);
> which would return path, if it's already absolute, or join it with 
> basePath if path is relative.
> Would this be a useful addition, or do we already have something like 
> this in QBS?

This and in addition - since the documentation already calls the property a
"path" [1] - introduce a path property type in Qbs which does that
automatically for us in its toString() method.

[1] https://doc.qt.io/qbs/qml-qbsmodules-android-sdk.html#sourcesDir-prop

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