[Qbs] Qbs 1.15.0 released

Joerg Bornemann Joerg.Bornemann at qt.io
Fri Jan 3 09:28:21 CET 2020

On 1/3/20 7:08 AM, Alberto Mardegan wrote:

> with the advent of year 2020, we'll eventually need to update the
> copyright in the source code. 

There's no need to do that. Qt itself stopped updating the Copyright 
year quite a while ago.

> Can you please clarify what is the
> situation, now that (unless I'm mistaken) The Qt Company won't be owning
> the project anymore?

Nothing changes wrt copyright.
Contributors can of course add their copyright to the files they touch, 
and we have several instances of non-Qt copyright statements.



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