[Qbs] Accessing qbs.architecture in Probe

Christian Kandeler Christian.Kandeler at qt.io
Thu Jan 30 14:06:05 CET 2020

On Thu, 30 Jan 2020 12:41:44 +0000
Leon Buckel <leon.buckel at clausmark.com> wrote:

> > Though it will still work if you set the architecture via a profile.
> How would I access a property set in a profile? I think I've tried it before but I probably did something wrong.

$ qbs config profiles.<profile-name>.qbs.architecture x86
$ # ...
$ qbs build profile:<profile-name>

Or without a profile, but a direct command-line override instead:
$ qbs build modules.qbs.architecture:x86
(Although I admit I don't know 100% if the latter really works for project-level probes. Try it out.)

> Also in the blog post about the release of qbs 1.15.0 it says the following:
> Probes on the project level are now evaluated before Profile items. That way a Qbs project can easily interface to package managers like Conan or vcpkg and resolve all build dependencies including compiler toolchains in a clean and platform-agnostic way. [...]
> Doesn't that mean that profile specific properties are inaccessible at the time the probe is evaluated?

The blog post talks about Profile *items*, i.e. profiles that you instantiate within a project file. Those are much rarer than the "external" profiles created via qbs-config & friends.


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