[Qbs] Building code generator and its dependencies for a different architecture than the rest of the products

Leon Buckel leon.buckel at clausmark.com
Fri Mar 20 15:10:49 CET 2020


I have a project with the following products:

  *   Shared library
  *   Code generator tool
  *   Application

The code generator and application both depend on the shared library. The build process is as follows:

  1.  Build the shared library
  2.  Build the code generator and link against the library
  3.  Use the previously built generator to generate code used by the application.
  4.  Build the application and link against the library

This works fine when building for windows or macOS but I'm running into an issue when targeting iOS.
Basically what I want is to build the generator as a Mac application so that it can be run during the build to generate code for the iOS app.
Since the library is used by both it should be built for both architectures.

I looked into multiplexing but I'm not sure it does exactly what I want but maybe I misunderstood something.
Is there a way to do this with qbs?

Best Regards

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