[Qbs] Building Qbs for conan/bintray on Gitlab

Kai Dohmen psykai1993 at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 21 13:06:00 CET 2020


I try to build a Qbs conan package (with static linked Qt) so conan could
just install Qbs with a simple "build_requires". Building the conan package
works fine on my local machine. But when I use Gitlab-CI to build the
packages it fails to build.
To build locally I use the following Dockerfile:

FROM conanio/gcc8

    CONAN_CHANNEL="testing" \

RUN sudo pip install --upgrade conan_package_tools && \
    conan user

COPY *.py .
COPY test_package test_package
RUN python build.py

Placing this into the cloned repo and running "docker build" works just
The complete build output of the crashing gitlab-ci build can be found at

Hopefully anyone can help me with this issue. I think a pre-build Qbs conan
package would help a lot, especially when using CI systems.

Additionally some off topic: the documentation for the ConanfileProbe does
not match with the current implementation. Maybe you should fix the docs
before 1.16 release ;)

Best Regards,
Kai Dohmen
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