[Qbs] setup-android, no --system?

Richard Weickelt richard at weickelt.de
Fri May 15 14:24:04 CEST 2020

> I find this quite useful when creating docker container.
> The idea is that the container (name) completely define the whole
> build config, and running "qbs build" in there build an APK with the
> "right" configuration.
> No env involved, no foreknowledge of the profile name, it just work
> out of the box.
> My current solution is to add an hand crafted /etc/xdg/qbs/qbs.conf,
> but i would prefer to generate it with qbs-setup-android and
> qbs-config from the Dockerfile.

A hand-crafted qbs.conf sounds like overkill. Why can't you just run
something like

    qbs setup-android --ndk-dir ${ANDROID_HOME}/ndk-bundle --sdk-dir
${ANDROID_HOME} --qt-dir ${QT_INSTALL_DIR} qbs_autotests-android-qt

    qbs config defaultProfile qbs_autotests-android-qt

in the Dockerfile? You need to install all the Android stuff and Qt anyway,
so you must have that information already.

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