[Qbs] isystem with clang

Иван Комиссаров abbapoh at gmail.com
Wed May 20 14:46:07 CEST 2020

Hello, you can find the generated modules in the build directory.

$ pwd

$ qbs
Build graph does not yet exist for configuration 'default'. Starting from scratch.
Resolving project for configuration default
Setting up Qt at '/Applications/Qt/5.14.2/clang_64/bin/qmake'...
Qt was set up successfully.

$ ll default/genmodules/Qt/a779ea9613ba57bb/modules/Qt/
total 16

> 20 мая 2020 г., в 12:39, Christian Gagneraud <chgans at gmail.com> написал(а):
> BTW, with this "new" (to me) Qt module provider, are the files
> generated and store on disk, i can't seem to find them anywhere.

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