[Qbs] AutotestRunner in QtCreator

Richard Weickelt richard at weickelt.de
Tue Nov 24 10:17:40 CET 2020

What do you mean, it does not show up? It should show up as a product in the project view, but it is not built by default. In order to "run" it, you need to

1. have application products with the additional type autotest. Just write something like:

Application {
    type: base.concat(["autotest"])
    // ...

2. Build the AutorestRunner product explicitly. It will not show up under "run".

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I've added a AutotestRunner to my Project, but it does not show up in the 
Creator, I think this is because it does not create a binary, right?

I've not looked into the code, but how feasible would it be to give the Creator 
a fake executable to run the tests?

Another idea I had, but not yet tested, is adding a dummy executable (just empty 
main()) which depends on the Runner, then the tests should run, when I build the 
dummy, right?

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