[Qbs] Settings module properties globally in root qbs project?!

qbs at mein-briefkasten.net qbs at mein-briefkasten.net
Mon Jun 7 13:07:06 CEST 2021


I’m currently migrating our project to qbs 1.19 and make use of the new codesign module.

When doing so especially on iOS I need to switch between different mobile provisions and thus code signing identities depending on the type of build and my project contains of many sub-projects. When setting the right codesign properties in the main app qbs file only I get many resolve errors for missing code sign identities for each lib sub project.

I can resolve this issue to set the right properties using the qbs command line, e.g.

> qbs resolve config:release profile:qt5_15_3 at ios ... -f app_standalone.qbs --build-directory ~/build/ios-test1 modules.codesign.signingIdentity:”my identity” modules.codesign.provisioningProfilesPath:”path-to-profiles”

But then every user has to do configure this on its own, but I would like to setup the default configuration in the root qbs project.

Is this somehow possible?

Of course I could create a qbs module for this, but then I would need to Depend on it in every lib/exe product qbs file. I would prefer a global solution.


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