[Qbs] Please provide VM resources for the CI runners

Denis Shienkov denis.shienkov at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 12:39:25 CET 2022

Hi guys,

We need to have at least two separate VMs with Windows and Linux
installed (or, at least one Windows VM) in order to continue the
tests for Qbs using CI.

We are use the GitHub resources for the auto-tests (including the
Docker containners and so on), where all does work fine.

But, we need in the separate local Runners for the Bare-Metal tests
on the Windows, because there are installed the special toolchains
which can *not* be instaleld using the Dockers or the command line
with the silent scripts.

So, right now we are using the local CI Runner for the Bare-Metal
tests based on the VMWare Player. This Runner does work on a separate
local PC that's is unstable at all (and in the future we can lost
this PC at all).

As I remember, in one of the previous letters in the mailing list,
you (Qt Company) promised to think about it (after the New Year

It would be great if you could provide us with at least one Windows
VM (e.g. with the RDP) so that we can deploy Runner there and install
all the necessary toolchains for the CI.

Or, maybe you can suggest an another solution, what do you think?

BR, Denis
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