[Qbs] Failed 'PackageBuild' product on QBS 1.22

Карелин Павел hkarel at yandex.ru
Sun May 15 19:27:58 CEST 2022

Made a minimum project (in attach). It turned out to start it.

A new question has appeared: the list of libraries in the product can be 
changed. See "lib.libmod.dynamicLibraries" in the product.qbs, line 13. 
The adjusted list will not be included in the rule. It can be fixed?

In passing, one more question: the libmod.qbs file does not appear in 
the project tree in QtC. Is it supposed to be like this?


13.05.2022 10:07, Christian Kandeler пишет:
> On 5/12/22 21:10, Карелин Павел wrote:
>> John, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, this was not enough, the 
>> rule is still not called. Looks like something else is needed...
>> Christian, can I ask you for help on this issue?
> Try to distill the project into a minimal, self-contained example. 
> Ideally, you'll find the problem while doing that. If not, please post 
> the result here.
> Christian
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