[Qbs] Language Proposal: A generic `Item{}` for classifying bindable objects. Christian Kandeler

Christian Kandeler christian.kandeler at qt.io
Tue Sep 6 15:34:30 CEST 2022

On 9/6/22 12:20, hug-animals via Qbs wrote:
> Encapsulation:
> "Access into nested items isnt explicitly supported in QML"
> Hard to know what you mean exactly, because you can set properties of nested items. Could you give an example of what is explicitly prohibited?
If you've worked on even just a single QML project, you have more 
experience than me, so I probably just mis-remembered. I though it was 
not possible.
> - Why would the item pool use `std::vector<Item *> m_items;` instead 
> of a QList ( Or QVector ) ? I imagine it was a performance 
> consideration, but it always puzzles me to see stdlib in most qt code. 
> - There are three Values -- Item, JSSource, and Variant. I have only been able to create JSSource when making a qbs file. What are the other two used for?

VariantValues come not from source code, but from the command line or 

ItemValues are the non-leaf parts of a nested property binding:

     property string version: Qt.core.version // "Qt" and "core" are 
item values


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