[Qbs] Windows 11 & (major|minor)-subsystem-version

Björn Schäpers qt-maillist at hazardy.de
Mon Apr 10 21:42:55 CEST 2023

Good Day,

I was recently forced to use Windows 11 at work and was puzzled why many 
of my programs (but not all!) failed to start with the code 0xc00007b. 
After a lot of investigation I found the issue to be the subsystem values.

All affected programs use Qt, which sets the minimum windows version to 
10, and the gcc.js (I'm using MinGW) uses this value for the os version 
as well as the said subsystem version. And those programs do not start 
on Windows 11, Windows 10 had no problems with that.

I've inspected a few programs, I've found none which didn't set the 
value (and the os version too by the way) to anything higher than 6. 
That includes the CMake generated Qt programs (moc, qmake, etc.) and 
Microsoft programs like Notepad, Teams, and Outlook.

I help myself with omitting the parameters right now. What is your take 
on that? If I propose a patch to not set the subsystem version, does it 
have a chance to be accepted?

I've not tested anything with MSVC, but would except the same behavior 
since it just sets the field in the PE header.

Kind regards,

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