[Qbs] HEADS UP: Branch 2.0 created/Testing strongly recommended

Christian Kandeler christian.kandeler at qt.io
Tue Feb 7 10:50:38 CET 2023


we have branched off qbs 2.0 today. As indicated by the version jump, 
this is a major update in that we switched the JavaScript engine from 
QtScript to QuickJS. While there are no intentional changes (except 
removing some functions deprecated years ago), it is possible that the 
new engine will uncover dormant bugs in project files (e.g. QtScript was 
rather generous in accepting undefined values where it didn't have to). 
Of course, user projects could also expose bugs on our side that were 
not caught by our tests. It is therefore an even better idea than usual 
to check this release branch against your projects.

The planned release date is end of March.


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