[Qt-creator] QT-Creator with GIT version control

Uwe Fechner u.fechner at tudelft.nl
Tue Nov 1 08:33:25 CET 2011


I have the following problem:

We use GIT as version control system.
We do not add the file .pro.user to the version
control, because they contain absolute paths, that might
be different for any of our programmers.
<value key="Qt4ProjectManager.Qt4BuildConfiguration.BuildDirectory" type="QString">

But when I have checked out our repository on a new machine, I want to
be able to do:


or similar.

But this doesn't work, because qmake is not creating a shadow build directory.
Then I have to open the project manually with QT creator, adjust the settings
for the build directory and build it.

This is annoying, because we have very many projects in our repository and
I have adjust these settings manually again and again.

1) is it possible, to build the .pro.user file with a script?
2) is it possible, to change the way, that QT-creator works in such a way,
    that it doesn't not store absolute file paths in the .pro.user files?
3) is it possible, to use qmake to create a .pro.user file, that defines
    a shadow build directory, e.g. ../<project-name>-build-desktop

Best regards:

Uwe Fechner

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