[Qt-creator] QT-Creator with GIT version control

tobias.hunger at nokia.com tobias.hunger at nokia.com
Tue Nov 1 09:55:38 CET 2011

>> 1) is it possible, to build the .pro.user file with a script?

Sure. Just make sure the Qt versions really exist, etc.

>> 2) is it possible, to change the way, that QT-creator works in such a way,
>>     that it doesn't not store absolute file paths in the .pro.user files?

No. The .user file is user specific and can not be shared. relative pathes do not really
help there.

We are looking into moving some of the settings into a shared configuration file. That is
making slow progress in the master branch.

>> 3) is it possible, to use qmake to create a .pro.user file, that defines
>>    a shadow build directory, e.g. ../<project-name>-build-desktop

No. Qmake can not create .user files. You can do shadow builds without creator though, as Uwe already wrote:

> So for qmake:
> mkdir build
> cd build
> qmake ..
> make

Note that for qmake the source and the build directory must be at the same level (same number of '/' in the absolute pathes of both).
Otherwise the build may fail.

So better do "mkdir ../build && cd ../build && qmake ../sourceDir/profile.pro && make"

Qt Creator warns when the build and source dir are not at the same level by the way:-)

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