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Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos nicolas.arnaud-cormos at kdab.com
Fri Nov 4 20:57:11 CET 2011

On Friday 04 November 2011 16:44:23 Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> On 11/04/11 08:32, ext eike.ziller at nokia.com wrote:
> > I basically see these possible ways to create separate "branches":
> > 
> > 1) A real git branch in gerrit's qt-creator/qt-creator
> > That would be beside the master&  release branches. *Everyone* pulling Qt
> > Creator automatically pulls these too, so I'd say they must be very
> > limited. Or perhaps we shouldn't use them at all for "topic branches".
> > If we do use them, we need some sort of policy *what* may be there, and
> > I'd say a maintainer must agree.
> what's wrong with everyone pulling the branches?

Personnaly, that's the solution I prefer this one, as it allows more people to 
discover the branch and maybe more people to contribute to it.

If it's not the way to go, then the wip/clang branch should be moved.
If it's the way to go, I agree that at least one maintainer must agree, and 
the branch is deleted when merged (or the "maintainer" of the branch declares 
it obsolete).

> > 2) Gerrit project, qt-creator/*
> > I suppose it would be possible to create separate (sub-)projects on
> > gerrit, e.g. qt-creator/scriptplugin or something like that. Since these
> > are really separate git repositories they don't affect people who pull
> > qt-creator/qt-creator. Would be a bit similar to gitorious' repository
> > clones. We should probably still have some sort of creation policy, and
> > maybe also when they'll be removed again. But this could be handled with
> > less restrictions than 1)
> i don't want that. the gerrit gui is utterly unsuitable for managing it.

Honestly, I'm not really fond of this one. Not talking about gerrit being 
suitable or not, but:
 * you still need an admin to create the repository
 * your work is less visible

> > 3) gitorious clone or clone whereever.
> > Has the advantage of no restriction or policies, but the disadvantages of
> > a) missing discoverability, and b) the "CLA requires you to use a
> > feature branch on Gerrit" point above.

I was going to do that (still early stage, didn't have more than 1h this week 
to work on that). But I agree, the two issues given here are a problem.

I would vote for #1, as long as only maintainer can create branch.


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