[Qt-creator] QtCreator 2.4rc and defaults for Coding Style

Sascha Cunz sascha-ml at babbelbox.org
Thu Nov 24 09:05:38 CET 2011

Hi folks,

there's a small pit-fall when upgrading to QtCreator 2.4.0rc.

For C++ it seems to no longer use the settings in Options -> TextEditor -> 
Behavior -> Tab and Indentation. Instead it uses the Code-Style settings in 
Options -> C++ (Which by itself is a really good thing). There it defaults to 
the Qt Coding Style.

However, if you had set Tab & Indentation to something different from Qt style 
and happen to use "Cleanups on saving", it silently may convert the whole 
document without the user even noticing it.

Though, I know that automatic clean up on saving is frowned about, I 
personally think, it's quite a nice feature (esp. if one works with lots of 
IDEs each of them having it's own feelings about how code should be written, 
some not even let you choose to use tabulator- or space- only).

Other than that: Again, great work!


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