[Qt-creator] 2.4.RC Cannot write AppData\Roaming\Nokia\qtcreator\default.qws. Disk full?

tobias.hunger at nokia.com tobias.hunger at nokia.com
Thu Nov 24 11:09:22 CET 2011

Hi Ed!

I am doing a full quote of your message as I CC the new qt-creator mailing list:-)

> Periodically, the following two file error / disk full dialogs popup.  Qt Creator apparently succeeded in creating
> many previous and recent default.qws.* files.  Could this issue be caused by multiple instances on Qt Creator
> running and occasionally they sync up and fight over who has access to default.qws ?
> * I am running 2 or 3 instances of Qt Creator
> * The disks are not full.
> * Don't see any obvious permission problems.
> * Qt Creator 2.4.0 RC, Vista 32-bit running under OS X Parallels host.
> The text of the following two dialogs below:
> * File Error
> Cannot write file C:
> \Users\my-profile\AppData\Roaming\Nokia\qtcreator\default.qws. Disk full?
> Error while saving session
> Could not save session to file
> \Users\my-profile\AppData\Roaming\Nokia\qtcreator\default.qws.

Yes, this is due to the different instances fighting over the file. Windows insists on locking files that are accessed and that causes those error messages.

You can try to have different settings pathes for all your different instances (use the "-settingspath some/path" argument). That should fix these warnings by having each instance write into its own session files. That will also stop them from screwing up each others sessions:-)

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