[Qt-creator] C++11 syntax checking

Yves Bailly yves.bailly at sescoi.fr
Tue Nov 29 08:17:45 CET 2011

Hi all,

Le 29/11/2011 07:59, André Pönitz a écrit :
> On Monday 28 November 2011 19:40:34 ext Kimmo Viitanen wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there an easy way (or a way at all) to upgrade the Qt Creator
>> syntax checking to include C++11 features?
> The parser needs to be extended, or replaced by something like clang.
> Work in both areas is ongoing.

Great to read :-)

Can't offer coding help, but I'd be glad to help in any needed test.
The main concern for me is with lambda's indentation, which is awful
for now - though I'm yet to find a "good" indent for lambdas... ("good"
meaning "which looks nice for me" of course).


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