[Qt-creator] C++11 syntax checking

daniel.molkentin at nokia.com daniel.molkentin at nokia.com
Tue Nov 29 09:12:02 CET 2011

On Nov 29, 2011, at 08:59 , ext André Pönitz wrote:

On Tuesday 29 November 2011 08:37:19 ext C. Bergström wrote:
Is the clang related work being done in public?  (Where's the branch if
so - We (PathScale) are possibly interested to help)

It's in the normal repo, branch wip/clang.

There was some blog post on the topic a while ago at

I now made a list of all currently interesting branches:
http://wiki.qt-project.org/Qt_Creator/Branches. Iet's see if we
can keep it up-to-date.
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