[Qt-creator] GammaRay plugin

Graham Labdon Graham.Labdon at avalonsciences.com
Mon Feb 6 08:47:46 CET 2012

This looks a really useful tool.
I am new to Qt and Qt creator and don't seem to be able to get the plugin compiled.
I have downloaded the source as a zip file from https://github.com/KDAB/GammaRay
Extracted this to my c drive.
Downloaded cmake from http://www.cmake.org/cmake/resources/software.html (windows 32 bit installer)
Installed cmake

The install instruction make mention of 2 environment variables
I am unsure what to set these to
My installation of Qt Creator has no source or build directories.

I also don't know how to use cmake and would be grateful if you could provide some more detailed instructions.

Sorry for my ignorance


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Hi all,

The GammaRay plugin has landed on qt-project nicely, and everybody is free to get, compile and contribute to it.

You'll find all informations here:


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