[Qt-creator] QtQuick 2.0 in designer

Jarno Malmari jarno.malmari at vincit.fi
Thu Feb 16 17:31:48 CET 2012

Is it possible to get designer working for QtQuick 2.0 content? I get
message box saying I don't have qml2puppet executable to do the rendering in
designer. I can see there are some source files shipped with qt-creator that
looks promising but so far I've been unable to build it.


Against which Qt version should I be able to build it? Or is it even meant
to be built yet? Currently the qml2puppet subdirectory is being skipped by
the build process.


Also, I see there are headers used which are not shipped with qt4 nor with
qt5 as far as I can tell. For instance, header file qsgitem.h. So far I've
found this under qt staging repo, in branch qml-team/qtquick2.


thanks for any help





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