[Qt-creator] Disabling bits of version control functionality

Peter Pearson peter at thefoundry.co.uk
Wed Feb 29 15:30:33 CET 2012

On 29/02/12 14:04, andre.poenitz at nokia.com wrote:
> Peter Pearson [peter at thefoundry.co.uk] wrote:
>> Using Qt Creator 2.4, is there any way to disable any of the version
>> control functionality?
>> Specifically, when creating new source files or classes, Qt Creator
>> always by default specifies to add it to source control, which I never
>> want - I have to select "None" each time I add a file.
> This rather sounds you want your choice remembered as default?

That would be fine for the adding case - although then being a bit 
awkward I'd personally argue that that second page of the add class 
wizard shouldn't be shown at all, but I'm just being picky :)
The less clicks/things typed in order to do stuff the better in my book :)

I think the removing case is definitely a bug, as even when I say No to 
removing the file from version control I get:
/usr/bin/svn delete xxxx.cpp
svn: 'xxxx.cpp' is not under version control
The command '/usr/bin/svn' terminated with exit code 1.

I'll add a bug for that.

Peter Pearson

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