[Qt-creator] How to get paths of C and C++ compiler from ProjectExplorer::ToolChain?

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Wed Jan 11 10:21:11 CET 2012

11.01.2012, 13:19, tobias.hunger at nokia.com:
> Hi Konstantin!
> So for we had no need to make this information available, so we did not.
> Note that we do not even store both the C and the C++ compilers right now. I am considering to add this (mostly for the sake of the autotools/cmake projects which can make use of this information).
> What is your use case? Why do you need this information?

I also develop build system plugin (for Premake[1]).

[1] http://industriousone.com/topic/full-stack-qt-based-development-premake-available-download


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