[Qt-creator] debugging won't start after starting qtcreator & loading project second time

Luc Vlaming mail at lucvlaming.com
Tue Jul 3 08:53:53 CEST 2012

hi everyone,

i was wondering if anyone else has the problem that when hitting f5 the
debugging session won't start anymore... this only happens to me (with git
from later than commit 2431456) when i load my cmake project for the second
time: if i remove all generated files, close qtcreator & run cmake again
debugging will start -> the mode will actually switch from "edit" to
"debug". however, when i then close qtcreator, restart it, open my project
for the second time (without removing all files & regenerating them) upon
hitting f5 or the debug button, qtcreator starts a build, but after that
won't even switch to debug mode...

has this happened to anyone else?

what i checked is that it debugging works correctly for me when using
commit 8c77b8c, however, when using commit 260b2c9 it doesn't anymore.

this is not a complaint just to make sure someone else has the problems too
(so i might actually try to investigate sometime)

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