[Qt-creator] 2.6 feature freeze

eike.ziller at nokia.com eike.ziller at nokia.com
Tue Jul 24 23:07:15 CEST 2012

Qt Creator 2.6 is in feature freeze now (http://qt-project.org/wiki/Submit-Policies)
I have created a 2.6 branch from current master (0c0c592038e4c362b4bf9760d4bf1272f135c6e0) for this release, master will now become 2.7 and is open for features.

* Please check out the 2.6 branch and do bug fixes there (git push origin HEAD:refs/for/2.6)
* Merges from 2.6 to master will happen "automagically" once in a while, ask me when you need a merge earlier
* All review requests on gerrit that are submitted for "master" but should actually end up in 2.6 must be resubmitted
   - cherry pick the change onto the 2.6 branch
   - push with "git push origin HEAD:refs/for/2.6"
   - if gerrit complains about the change already being submitted for a different branch
     try removing the change-id line from the commit message (and let the hooks generate a new one), e.g.
     with git commit --amend. If that happens you'll also need to abandon the old review request for master afterwards

Qt Creator 2.6
* Freeze wk30 (~Jul 24)
* Beta + soft string freeze w32 (~Aug 7)
* String freeze w34 (~Aug 21)
* RC w36 (~Sep 4)
* Release wk38 (~Sep 18)

is the tentative plan.

Happy hacking,
Eike Ziller
Principal Software Engineer

Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks

Nokia gate5 GmbH
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