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Hello Phil,

Could you select Tools > Options > Help > Documentation and check whether the Qt Creator documentation package (qtcreator.qch) is listed there? If not, you can try adding it from the <qtcreator-installation-directory>\share\doc\qtcreator  directory, by clicking Add:


If you do not have the documentation package for some reason, you can access the tutorials online:


If you built Qt Creator yourself, you must also build the docs separately, as instructed in the "Building Documentation" section here:



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Thank you for reading this.

It's been a long time since I've used Qt Creator or done any programming at all.

I have Qt Creator 2.4.1 which shows four getting started tutorials on the welcome page. The problem is that each of the tutorials opens to a blank page. The reference documents are installed and are viewable and I have the examples installed.

What am I missing?

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