[Qt-creator] Mac debug dumper for QVector index off by 1 with Qt 5?

Stephen Chu sju at rampageinc.com
Thu Jul 26 17:42:57 CEST 2012

I am using dumper.cpp from git master since the one included in 
2.5/2.5.1 does not build with Qt 5.

I find the dumper seems to be off on QVector element index. See this 


The QList and QVector are filled with the same elements but the dumper 
shows QVector element 0 with some junk numbers and element 1 is shown 
with the content of element 0, and so on.

The qDebug output is correct in that both list and vector have the same 

I ran into this when working with QPolugonF and thought I must be crazy 
since the polygon in debugger was never the values I set it to. :)

BTW. std::vector and other std containers still do not show their 
elements in dumper, with 4.8.2 + libstdc++ or 5.0 + libc++.

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