[Qt-creator] possible leak in 2.5 rc with parsing after cmake?

Miller Henry MillerHenry at JohnDeere.com
Tue May 8 21:36:58 CEST 2012

I've been running 2.5 rc for a while, and have noticed that memory usage often climbs - after a day or two top shows qtcreator is using around 1700M of virtual memory, compared to around 450 when I first load my project.  (I know this isn't accurate, but it is easy and shows a trend).   I see memory jumps everytime I run cmake right around  the time the parse phase starts.

This might not be a leak, but memory refereced that shouldn't be: when qt creator is in the consumes a lot of memory state it takes a lot longer to quit than if I start do a few things and then quit.

This did not happen with the beta, but I lack time to go back and figure out where it started.

I hope someone can investigate this before the 2.5 final release, we like qtcreator and are looking forward to the new features

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