[Qt-creator] Remote debugging

Tom Deblauwe Tom.Deblauwe at traficon.com
Wed May 9 12:03:09 CEST 2012


I am successfully using remote debugging for my arm target using gdb 7.3.1 that I have compiled myself. My host is a 32bit linux system.

Now I am looking into making everything work on 64 bit so I compiled gdb 7.3.1 again on the 64 bit linux to also support python and arm debugging. It starts and everything works, only one thing not, and that is setting breakpoints when my target is running(this works perfect on 32-bit). The debugger keeps waiting for the target to break I think. If I first break myself, then set the breakpoint, then it works and the breakpoint is hit too. I tried with gdb 7.4.1 too but it was the same.

So I saw that there are some gdb patches in the "dist" directory now. Should I apply them to gdb to make it work? Should I update again with current master? My current version is from 27 march( sha:72e0f26cbcd17500a27d5e762b9725a5e18af899).

Best regards

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