[Qt-creator] QmlJSDebugger plugin got merged into Debugger plugin (master branch)

kai.koehne at nokia.com kai.koehne at nokia.com
Wed May 9 13:19:08 CEST 2012

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> 09.05.2012, 14:49, "kai.koehne at nokia.com" <kai.koehne at nokia.com>:
> > Hi,
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> > This is only of interest to you if you're compiling Qt Creator yourself, from
> master.
> >
> > I just pushed change 7f09d0b756ff3f9bb52737d4aaf65ed84d751316 that
> merges the functionality of the 'QmlJSInspector' plugin into the Debugger
> plugin. This way we can better integrate it (e.g. the object tree is now just
> shown in the 'Locals and Expressions' widget instead of being shown in a
> separate pane).  Anyhow, if you're now pulling from master you might have a
> stale 'QmlJSInspector' library under lib/qtcreator/plugins/Nokia , which will
> bring up warnings on startup. If this happens, just remove the 'qmljsinspector'
> related files in the directory, or do a clean build.
> I think it would be more useful to expose this functionality from Debugger to
> facilitate support for debugging of other languages in future.

The JS debugging (like setting breakpoints, checking variables etc) had always been part of the debugger plugin, it's just that the advanced functionality like showing the QML object tree, updating .qml files at runtime etc that were in the separate plugin. I don't think the API that we were using there was of much interest to any other language. 


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