[Qt-creator] Qt-creator Digest, Vol 8, Issue 32

Paulo Silva paulo.jnkml at gmail.com
Tue May 22 05:17:46 CEST 2012

>>>>> 3. IMO tabs rapidly become unusable while number of open files grow; however
>>>>> I rarely use "Xcode-like" outline in editor toolbar and prefer sidebar outline, so
>>>>> place in editor's toolbar could be used for something else tabs for recent 2-3 files.
>>>> I also agree. But since the open files widget is still there, the
>>>> current usability would not change.
>>> What benefits would tabs bring over the open documents pane?
>> Not over, but replacing it. No fat here. And the answer is why not?
> You say in the sentence above "But since the open files widget is still there", i.e. that you wouldn't want to replace it.
> Maybe we have a terminology problem here. With "open documents pane" I mean the thing titled "Open Documents" at the left hand side where also the project tree is shown.

Indeed. My idea being just to replace the current contained of those
widgets with a tabbar, plus minor mods on the buttons.

>>>> Using a scheme ?-l? chrome then I would say it would be incomparably better.
>>>> In chrome the tabs don't go out of screen (could be a layout option),
>>>> they are just resized (all to the same size).
>>> Comparing an editor to a web browser doesn't help finding a good solution... the use cases are just too different, but one could argue that a tab that doesn't show a sensible name to see what's behind it is even useless in the browser case.
>> I could argue I would probably like it. That's why I asked "is it
>> possibly to make it as a plugin".
> It's not possible as a plugin on top of what is there "as is".
That's a pity. But let's see what we can do...
Maybe the best path, if this kind of customization makes sense to
anyone, is to make it either a more plugin friendly UI, or even use
some other kind of customization strategy.

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