[Qt-creator] Menu for pasting from clipboard history

Typz thetypz at gmail.com
Fri May 25 18:16:13 CEST 2012


I really like the new circular paste feature, introduced in QtCreator
2.5. However, i do not find it very practical to iterate "blindly" over the
items. Thus, i made a patch (still WIP!) which presents the items in a
context menu, so that i can see all items before pasting. The patch can be
found here: https://codereview.qt-project.org/19665

As i implemented it, it's just another action, which can be bound to any
key: it can be used in parallel to the circular paste if that suits you,
though i simply change the ctrl+shift+v key to activate 'menu
paste'. Leandro Melo however suggested this should be a specific option in
the configuration, so that the same key triggers either of these functions,
to avoid cluttering the interface.

So the choices are:
      - Keep both actions
      - Keep only one action, with a configuration option allowing to
select paste menu vs circular paste
      - Remove circular paste or reject menu paste patch (not really an
option IMHO :-))
      - ... any other idea?

What do you think?

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