[Qt-creator] Some thoughts about 2.5

Jonathan S. Shapiro shap at eros-os.org
Tue May 29 19:10:27 CEST 2012


I welcome your suggestions and questions about QtCreator, but I am finding
your posts very disruptive to read. I would like to make two suggestions:

1. Please try to avoid strongly negative value words, except where they
describe a technical problem. Words like "caponize" have no place in a
productive technical discussion.

2. I think that your requests and goals would be clearer if you focus on
what it is you want to have happen in QtCreator, rather than on the details
of your background and your specific project. For example: "When I do
<action>, I would like QtCreator to be doing XYZ". Making those
descriptions simpler and more focused, and avoiding distracting details,
will make it easier for people to understand what you suggest. That will
allow them to evaluate your suggestion[s] more effectively.

For example, here are three features that I would really like to see:

1. Given a selection, an entry on the right-click menu that will let me see
all of the keyboard shortcuts that I could be using for that selection. I'm
pretty new to QtCreator, and I keep seeing emails go by that say "oh, just
use the XYZZY shortcut". It would be really nice to have a way to see what
shortcuts are relevant in a more localized way. Don't know how easy/hard
this would be.

2. When following symbol definition: if the file is already open in another
window, move to the definition in that window and shift the focus to there.

3. An option I could set somewhere to prefer that the result of any
"context changing" operation (find symbol and so forth) occur in another

As you can see: each of these gives a clear description of what I want (or
at least what I *think* I want). Others can now look at them and say
"that's a dumb idea", or "hey, I want that too", or "that's too hard", or
"that's doable, but it isn't as important as other things, and we're
probably not going to get to it."

Keeping the discussion technical helps it move forward.


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