[Qt-creator] Some thoughts about 2.5

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Hello Jonathan,

I know it is not quite as convenient to go to Options or read documentation as to select from a list of available shortcuts, but for the time being you can see all keyboard shortcuts defined in Qt Creator (and change them) in Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard. The shortcuts are listed by plugin, which might not be the best solution, as it requires the user to know something about the insides of Qt Creator.

The Qt Creator Manual also lists the default shortcuts, arranged by Qt Creator mode (more or less):


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For example, here are three features that I would really like to see:

1. Given a selection, an entry on the right-click menu that will let me see all of the keyboard shortcuts that I could be using for that selection. I'm pretty new to QtCreator, and I keep seeing emails go by that say "oh, just use the XYZZY shortcut". It would be really nice to have a way to see what shortcuts are relevant in a more localized way. Don't know how easy/hard this would be.

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