[Qt-creator] Colors in QtCreator

Leandro T. C. Melo leandro.melo at nokia.com
Thu May 31 15:22:41 CEST 2012

On 05/30/2012 06:53 PM, ext Typz wrote:
> Hello,
> Btw, anybody care to review the patch? It was almost merged (actually, 
> merged then reverted, see https://codereview.qt-project.org/21860), 
> fixed about two month ago, and not much has happened since then...
> It adds highlighting of all function/methods, as well as code warning 
> for mismatch in number of arguments. Virtual methods can still be 
> highlighted in a different style. It really improves the experience, 
> and makes reading code so much easier IMHO.

Hi Francois,

I just reviewed your patch. It's indeed a nice feature, but I left a 
couple of comments.

Since you mentioned the timing issue, it's admittedly longer then usual. 
Sorry for that. Unfortunately most of the people that constantly work on 
C++/editor are/were on relatively long leaves (including me). So I 
kindly ask for some patience. Things should speed up a bit soon.

Kind regards,

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