[Qt-creator] ability to configure the debugger

dAgeCKo dagecko at free.fr
Fri Nov 9 20:38:17 CET 2012

>   * Switch to Projects mode (left side-bar, usually the 5th entry).
>   * Choose the Run tab
>   * In the Deployment section, choose Add -> Deploy Configuration
>   * Press "Add Deploy Step" -> Custom Process Step
>   * Enter your command, arguments and working directory.
> The deployment step will always run before 'Run' (after Build).

I tried several things for the command but nothing worked. When I click 
on the debug button, it always 'freeze' on the deployment process.

What I tried:

command: libtool
working directory: 'path_where_the_script_is'
command argument: --mode=execute gdb 'path_to_the_script'

command: libtool --mode=execute gdb
working directory: 'path_where_the_script_is'
command argument: 'path_to_the_script'

command: 'script that does: "libtool --mode=execute gdb $@"'
working directory: 'path_where_the_script_is'
command argument: 'path_to_the_script'

The same than above without the program in the command argument.

The best thing I can achive is that the deployment succesfully reads the 

So, I wonder what else I misunderstood there.


> - Orgad

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