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Ziller Eike Eike.Ziller at digia.com
Mon Nov 12 09:05:01 CET 2012

On 9 Nov 2012, at 17:25, Nikos Chantziaras <realnc at gmail.com>

> On 09/11/12 17:39, Ziller Eike wrote:
>> On 9 Nov 2012, at 13:20, Graham Labdon <Graham.Labdon at avalonsciences.com> wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> When I attempt to create a  new project in Qt Creator 2.6.0 I don't get an option to create a Qt project (such as Qt Gui application or Qt Console application)
>>> This was present in previous versions on creator - where have these options gone?
>> You have to register at least one Qt version in Preferences > Build & Run > Qt versions (and while you are at it you best also create a Kit that uses it, see e.g. http://qt-project.org/doc/qtcreator-2.6/creator-targets.html)
> Shouldn't this be detected automatically?  

It tries to auto-detect everything from PATH (and on Windows the compiler through the registry). But, on Windows and Mac there is with very high probability no Qt in the systems PATH even if it is installed.

> The tab has an 
> "Auto-detected" entry, but it's just empty:
>     http://i45.tinypic.com/2md5pq0.png
> And there's no "Detect" button.  So what's the purpose of the 
> "Auto-detected" list?

I think auto-detected is a bit of a misnomer. "Auto-detected" contains settings that were registered by an "SDK" style installer (i.e. if you install Qt Creator through an installer that also installs Qt).

The actual "auto-detected" stuff is put into "manual" with the "(System)" prefix I think.
Yes, we miss a button that re-does the auto-detection on demand :/
But, from your screen shot it looks like your systems Qt in /usr/bin has actually been added.

Br, Eike

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