[Qt-creator] Toolchain detection Windows SDK amd64

Wolfgang Baron Wolfgang.Baron at gmx.net
Sun Nov 18 01:44:49 CET 2012


I just worked around a bug in Qt Creator 2.6.0 concerning jom or nmake
not finding the compiler for the Windows SDK 7.1 amd64. This happens,
when you want to generate code for amd64 using the autodetected toolchains.

The underlying problem is, that the autodetections uses /amd64 for
initializing the MSVC compiler environment. This should be /x64 instead.

I have not found a way to change this in Qt Creator, so I use a text
editor to edit the file
.../AppData/Roaming/QtProject/qtcreator/toolchains.xml. Changing the
autodetected entry did not help me, as it was overwritten the next time
I started Qt Creator. So you have to clone the entry for amd64 Windows
SDK 7, quit Qt Creator, edit the new entry and start Qt Creator again.
Then you can use your new entry for setting up kits.

I have not found a bug report for this, but maybe I missed it. Has
anybody seen a bugreport or should I post one?

My working toolchain entry is:

  <valuemap type="QVariantMap">
   <value type="QString"
   <value type="QString"
key="ProjectExplorer.MsvcToolChain.VarsBat">C:/Program Files/Microsoft
   <value type="QString"
   <value type="bool"
   <value type="QString"
key="ProjectExplorer.ToolChain.DisplayName">Windows SDK 7.1 x64</value>
   <value type="QString"



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