[Qt-creator] Adding examples to welcome page

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at kdab.com
Tue Nov 20 12:36:12 CET 2012


I am researching on how to best add new examples to creator's example section 
(reachable via the welcome screen).

The examples seem to come from src/plugins/qtsupport/exampleslistmodel.cpp, 

I am mostly interested in adding examples from a local Qt5 build (the Qt4 
examples are installed by the package manager and already available).

The code seems to be have the capability to check for any additional Qt's 
examples but it also has this

// There is no good solution for Qt 5 yet
if (version->qtVersion().majorVersion != 4)

Can anyone shed a light on what "no good solution" means in this context?
Any other way (config setting, environment variable)?


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