[Qt-creator] Issue accessing hardware from inside Qt Creator

Murphy, Sean M. sean.murphy at gd-ais.com
Wed Nov 21 15:17:49 CET 2012

I'll double-check.  My app takes no parameters, and shouldn't really care which directory it's launched from.  I'm realizing (somewhat sheepishly) that accessing that hardware board is done through a shared library, so I should double-check that when I'm launching that app inside Creator, that it's able to find that .so...


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> So is there some Qt Creator setting I've missed that allows 
> applications lower level hardware access from inside a Qt Creator session?

No, there shouldn't really be any difference. You should carefully check that
- the environment is indeed the same
- you're launching your app as the same user
- you're launching it in the same way, with the same parameters from the same directory



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