[Qt-creator] Virtual functions resolving

Sven Putze mailinglist.Qt-creator at hardcodes.de
Thu Nov 22 12:52:04 CET 2012

>> 1. Conceptually, when users call Find Usages, they want to know which calls can reach this piece of code. For virtual functions, calls to 'lower' (i.e. more concrete) types which implement the function, will not reach the function in 'higher' types.
>> For example, Find Usages on Base::v (usages only, we'll leave declarations for later) should only list entries 4 and 5 and 6. 7 is not calling Base::v since it is reimplemented in MostDerived.
> I think this is a cool idea. A bit of background: when we implemented this feature, we did have some discussion on what to  show, mostly regarding overloads/overrides, but wanted to make sure that a user would not get confused too much (otherwise they would always choose the "gimme all stuff" option anyway).

I'd like to represent the user here :-)
From a user perspective it would be great to have just one entry in the context menu "find usages", but a subdivided output, sorted by the usecases -> perhaps with a header what every section stands for.

Sven Putze
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