[Qt-creator] OSX: bottom of page, top of page

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Fri Nov 23 12:38:27 CET 2012

Ok, thanks for the info. I'll wait ;-)

Sven Putze
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On 22.11.2012, at 14:55, Michael Jackson wrote:

> There is an active bug in for that. Not sure if it really has high enough priority for anyone to fix it.
> ---
> Mike J.
> On Nov 21, 2012, at 1:11 PM, Sven Putze wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> in the ASCII editor and in the C++ editor the Mac keybindings for
>> page up,
>> page down,
>> start of line,
>> end of line
>> work out of the box although I can not find them in the Preferences->Environment->Keyboard table.
>> But top of page (CMD+cursor up) and bottom of page (CMD+cursor down) do not work. For the non-Macies: most Macs don't have a full keyboard with a pageup/pagedown key, like most regular PCs.
>> I would edit the keybindings manually but I can't find a relevant entry in Preferences->Environment->Keyboard.
>> Sven Putze
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