[Qt-creator] Deprecated Qt features in Qt Creator sources

Christian Kandeler christian.kandeler at digia.com
Mon Oct 1 18:03:16 CEST 2012


I have spent the last week going through our sources in search of code 
that uses deprecated Qt features and replacing them with non-deprecated 
constructs, if at all possible. As a result, the master branch is now 
free of deprecated features except those which cannot be substituted 
with code that compiles against both Qt 4 and Qt 5.
I would like to kindly ask all contributors not to change this state by 
using deprecated stuff in newly added code. To help you with that, here 
is the list of deprecated functions that were in use in Creator, 
together with their replacements:
     - qVariantValue() -> QVariant::value()
     - qVariantCanConvert() -> QVariant::canConvert()
     - qFindChild(), qFindChildren() -> QObject::findChild(), ...
     - qMemSet(), qMemCopy() -> std::memset(), std::memcpy()
     - qMalloc(), qRealloc(), qFree() -> std::malloc(), std::realloc(), 
     - {QChar,QString}::{from,to}Ascii() -> {from,to}Latin1()
     - QWeakPointer<QObject> -> QPointer<QObject>
     - QAbstractItemModel::reset() -> {begin,end}ResetModel()
     - QRect::intersect() -> intersected()
     - QInputDialog::getInteger() -> getInt()


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