[Qt-creator] String freeze and bug fix

Ziller Eike Eike.Ziller at digia.com
Thu Oct 4 16:27:27 CEST 2012

On 04.10.2012, at 15:29, Kevin Krammer wrote:



I am currently working on a bug fix in 2.6 branch for an image size check in
the QNX plugin's project wizard.

The problem is that the maximum allowed size for application icons has been
increased from 96x96 to 150x150 for upcoming BlackBerry devices.

While fixing the check is obviously trivial, the code currently displays an
error message when the check fails, educating the user about the recommended
and maximum sizes.

That message would obviously become wrong with the fixed checked.

Now the question is whether there is any procedure to follow to get an
exception for the string freeze to also fix the string or whether to disable
the check for 2.6 (and thus not triggering the wrong string).

We can at this state still fix the exceptional bug in translatable strings, which I think your issue fits into. It should be accompanied by a bit communication, so translators have the chance to find out,
so all in all I think writing on this list about the issue is exactly the right procedure :)

Br, Eike

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